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Job Employment

How the Process Works? 1. E-Government and Criminal Record Certificate: As the initial step, obtain a printout of your criminal record certificate through E-Government and visit one of our offices in Turkey with your passport. At the office, you will make the necessary payments. 2. Work Permit Application: After the payments, a work permit application […]

Study Abroad

UNIVERSITY EDUCATION IN POLAND Poland’s globally renowned and high-quality universities, the requirement for only a High School Diploma from Turkish students for applications, the availability of education both in English and Polish, Poland’s status as a European Union member providing EU diplomas, being the only EU member country granting residency rights to students completing their […]

Visa Procedures

Forge Globals: Bridging Dreams with Poland Visa Consultancy At Forge Globals, we provide visa consultancy services for individuals in Turkey aspiring to explore the rich cultural heritage, educational opportunities, and business prospects that Poland has to offer. We stand by your side, facilitating your journey to achieve your dreams through our experienced team. Why Poland? […]

Foreign trade

At Forge Globals, we contribute value to the business world through our foreign trade services in Poland. With solutions tailored to ensure your success in global markets, we assist in optimizing your business processes, expanding into new markets, and collaborating with a reliable partner in international trade. Our Services: 1. Export and Import Process Management: […]

Imports – Export

Forge Globals is a service designed to simplify and streamline import and export processes in Poland. Businesses can use Forge Globals to import goods into Poland or export goods from Poland. Forge Globals offers the following services: Customs clearance Logistics Financial transactions Consulting Forge Globals is designed to simplify and speed up import and export […]

Logistics Services

Forge Globals: Reliable Logistics Solutions Beyond Borders In the globalized world, effective logistics management is a critical factor for businesses to open doors to international trade, transcending borders. At Forge Globals, we provide robust logistic services between Turkey and Poland, offering sustainable and reliable solutions to the business world. Flexible Solutions in International Transportation Forge […]