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As Force Global, we constantly improve ourselves to offer the best solutions. If you are looking for a reliable, innovative and customer-oriented logistics partner, Force Global is always with you.

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Transport Business is Movement.


Foreign trade

Forge Globals provides reliable and effective foreign trade services to its customers by building a bridge between Turkey and Poland.

Logistics Services

We offer perfect logistics solutions between Türkiye and Poland. With our strong expert team, we provide fast, reliable logistics services to our customers.

Consultancy Service

As Forge Globals, we stand out as a strong solution partner by providing consultancy on employment, visa procedures and university education in Poland.


About Us

Force Global set out in 2023 with ambitious goals. Our aim is to support the economies of Poland and Turkey, strengthen trade communication between these two countries, and take steps towards becoming a leading brand. At the core of this objective lies not only economic but also humanitarian commitment. By uniting the rich cultures of both countries, we aspire to add depth to business collaborations. As Force Global, we are not just a company but also a bridge—a friendly and honest entity that encourages intercultural interaction.


Delivered Goods

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Force Global is a representative logistics operator offering comprehensive services in customs clearance and transportation for all types of cargo across Europe. Additionally, our company provides import, export, and visa consultancy services, offering our customers comprehensive solutions. At Force Global, we aim to maximize customer satisfaction by combining our expertise in logistics with customs procedures and consultancy services.