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Study Abroad

Study Abroad


Poland’s globally renowned and high-quality universities, the requirement for only a High School Diploma from Turkish students for applications, the availability of education both in English and Polish, Poland’s status as a European Union member providing EU diplomas, being the only EU member country granting residency rights to students completing their education within its borders, and granting legal work permits to all university students (both in English and Polish) studying in Poland are among the advantages of studying in Poland, coupled with tuition fees and living expenses that are much more affordable compared to other countries.

YOK Equivalence for Polish Universities

Polish universities have equivalence recognition from the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YOK). Your high school average should be above 75 points.

Why Poland?

Polish universities uphold a high standard of education. With over 450 higher education institutions, Poland has specialized universities with expert faculty in various fields. If you aim for quality education in Europe, Poland is an excellent choice.

Tuition fees in Poland are more economical compared to other countries. Generally starting from 1500 Euros annually, it rarely exceeds 4000 Euros. When compared to countries like the UK or Scandinavia, studying in Poland is significantly advantageous.

Education Costs and Job Opportunities in Poland

The tuition fees for undergraduate programs in Poland generally range from 1,500 Euros to 4,500 Euros. However, some programs like Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Film, and Television production may have higher program fees.

Work Permit While Studying in Poland

All students studying at universities in Poland are entitled to work part-time. Our legal advisors can assist in residency permit applications during this process.


When Does Preparation Start in Poland? English preparatory programs in Poland start in October and end in June of the following year.

Cost of Foreign Language Education at University Foreign language courses generally range from 2000 to 3500 Euros, varying by university. The average duration is between 600 and 800 hours, spanning 9 months across all universities.

Advantages of Language Education in Poland

  • High-quality education
  • Language schools catering to all needs and budgets
  • Affordable accommodation, meals, and transportation
  • Hosting thousands of international students

Documents Required for Preparation Education

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent: Notarized English/Polish translation with Apostille approval (for those attending English preparatory or starting directly in the department).

  2. High school transcript: Wet-signed and sealed English and Turkish transcripts (for those attending English preparatory or starting directly in the department).

  3. Copy of Passport: Copy of written pages.

  4. University application form: (provided by your consultant) You need to sign it. If you are under 18, it must be signed by your parents.

  5. Passport Photo: 1 piece with a white background.

  6. English proficiency certificate: Document your English proficiency.

Our Consultancy Services Cover:

  • University Acceptance and Registration Procedures
  • Visa Consultancy (Preparation of Required Documents)
  • Accommodation Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Airport Welcome
  • Pesel Number Procedures
  • Health Insurance Procedures
  • Career Support
  • City Tour
  • Residence Card Procedures (optional)
  • Work Permit Procedures
  • University Registration Procedures after English Preparatory
  • Support for SIM Card and Bank Card Issuance